Is Guaranteed SEO a Scam or For Real?

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Is Guaranteed SEO a Scam or For Real Find Out Here

Hit me with the truth… Is guaranteed SEO a scam?


Interesting article choice for a site titled Rank Guarantee SEO, right? It’s all about the process, so let’s dive in!

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of SEO agencies promising to improve your business ranking. While SEO is a long-term strategy, some agencies promise to deliver top-of-page results within 30 days or less. Is this real or a scam? Well, read on to know more.

What are guaranteed SEO services?

As the name suggests, these are services that claim to offer specific results at a specific timeframe. For example, they can promise to rank your page on the first page for specific keywords. Most claim to do so in 30 days or even 15 days.

Another trick under their sleeve is to offer free SEO services for a certain amount of time, such as 7 days. Also, they claim to offer a money-back guarantee if they do not achieve top-of-page results in that one month.

Well, as convincing as it may sound, this might not be what you think it is. Such companies want to trick you into paying every month for no services offered. Avoid believing in sugar-coated freebies and hype, they’ll only negatively affect your business.

Some common tricks you’ll see with these companies include:

  • Optimize your website for free until results start flowing.
  • Use of latest tools and methods that will guarantee first-page ranking.
  • Optimize your website for over 50 keywords phrases.
  • Guarantee first-page ranking every month.

Here’s why you should avoid them

Is Guaranteed SEO a Scam or For Real Find Out Here

Google warns against them

This is arguably the most convincing reason to avoid SEO guarantee services. Google says that businesses should avoid such services since they offer unrealistic goals. Instead, opt for SEO companies offering realistic timeframes and improvements. Besides, Google also says that ranking on the first page is not a guarantee.

The guarantees are beyond their control

No SEO company can control SERP rankings, only Google’s changing algorithms can. As such, claiming influence on something you have no control over is a scam. In trying to do so, companies will end up offering shoddy services and lackluster results.

While most notable SEO companies have mastered SEO tricks to favor rankings, no one outside Google knows what the algorithm looks at or how it works. Ain’t that the truth!

And when these companies find a trick that is working, herd behavior attracts other players and soon the trick becomes a must-have under your sleeve. This is not until the algorithm changes and your ranking starts dropping.

Other factors such as your business reputation and popularity play a huge role in Google search engine ranking. That said, reputable SEO companies and professionals could offer insights on what’s needed for a better ranking. However, this cannot happen within the short timeframe SEO guarantee services claim.

The benefits are not worthwhile

These companies come up with ways to ensure their claims come to fruition. Unfortunately, their coming to fruition might not benefit your business.

For example, they can choose keywords for you. The trick is to choose easy-to-rank keywords that are not necessarily beneficial to your business. As such, you may see a spike in traffic but zero conversion. This is because the traffic is not qualified. In fact, some of it might come from negative keywords.

You should also keep in mind that rankings alone are a poor metric for SEO performance. It is better to rank low but for the right keywords. This means you’ll reach your target audience, who are likely to convert.

If possible, ask for a list of the keywords they are ranking you for. Also, be sure they are ranking for keywords that actually will drive clicks to your site too!

They use black-hat SEO methods

These guaranteed SEO companies will often use black-hat techniques to avoid the legwork that is SEO. Rather than use legitimate ways to rank, they’ll trick Google’s algorithm.

Once Google catches up with them, your site will be penalized, hurting your rankings. Worst case, your site ceases to appear on search engine results.

So, if a company claims to offer fast results, they’ll likely use black hat methods. SEO is a long-term strategy that takes lots of testing to get optimal results.

Their actions will hurt your business

Using black-hat methods and ranking for different keywords will hurt your rankings. And recovering from such damages can be time-consuming and costly. This is especially true if Google penalizes your site. You’ll have to do a lot of legwork to get back your online reputation.

You should be wary of guaranteed SEO companies since they might appear to help you to achieve your goals, but in the real sense, they are a remedy for poor rankings and penalties.

So, what should you consider when choosing an SEO company?

Is Guaranteed SEO a Scam or For Real Find Out Here

To avoid the above pitfalls, here is what you should look out for in an SEO company:


Companies that have been around for decades know how to provide tangible results. This is one of our strengthens since we’ve been in business for two decades. As such, we know what works and what doesn’t.


Reputable SEO companies will offer regular updates, which can be weekly or monthly. As such, you’ll gauge whether your SEO strategy is working or not. If a company refuses or delays in giving you updates, avoid them. The reports should be easy to understand too.

Custom services

Let’s face it, SEO strategies are not a one-fits-all solution for all businesses. Rather, they change depending on one’s goals and industry. It is for this reason that an ideal company should offer custom SEO services depending on a company’s requirements.

The company should learn about your business, what your goals are, and where you stand. After this, they can propose a custom strategy to align with your goals.

Why you should consider our services

So, is guaranteed SEO a scam? Many times, yes. You have to dig into the fine print to see if the company has your best interests at heart – you can check out our SEO guarantee here.

If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy SEO partner, Rank Guarantee SEO might be a great fit for you. We are backed by 20 years of industry experience, we provide monthly in-depth reports (just like clockwork), and we do not promise unrealistic outcomes. Rather, we promise to be with you for the long term, gradually improve your rankings month after month and help you reach your business goals.


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